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Sweet potatoes are as American as apple pie, and even more so. Native Americans were already growing sweet potatoes when Columbus came to these shores in 1492. Sweet potatoes have been growing in the southeastern United States from as early as 1648.

Today Mississippi is the 3rd largest sweet potato producing state in the United States. Most of our sweet potatoes are produced in Northern Mississippi with the highest number of acres is centered around the town of Vardaman. The long history of producing great tasting sweet potatoes in Mississippi began in 1915 when several farm families moved from Martin, TN to the Vardaman area and brought sweet potato knowledge with them.

In 2018, over 100 commercial sweet potato growers planted 25,000 acres in Mississippi.

No other Sweet Potato can compare to the ones we grow in Mississippi. We produce premium Number One Sweet Potatoes bursting with flavor and freshness. The rich fertile soils of North Mississippi make our Sweet Potatoes appealing both inside and out. Mississippi Sweet Potatoes have a melt in your mouth taste and offer great nutritional value. After just one taste, you'll come back for more.

The sweet potato is technically not really a potato, nor even a distant cousin. Potatoes are tubers; sweet potatoes are roots. Sweet potatoes are actually part of the Morning Glory family (Convolvulaceae); their genus Ipomoea batatas.

The Mississippi Sweet Potato Council was founded in 1964 to promote Mississippi Sweet Potatoes and to educate growers on the latest practices to improve their product and their livelihood. It is one of the oldest agricultural organizations of its kind in the State of Mississippi and today has about 150 members. Visit our About Page for more information on the Mississippi Sweet Potato Council.

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Mississippi Sweet Potatoes

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